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2010 Spring FODR Meeting

Meeting Notes

Dear Friends,

Important news: At the February 24, 2010 Friends of Dartmouth Rowing meeting in New York City, FDR president Andre Hunter announced the Parents' Challenge  a gift matching program whereby certain parents of Dartmouth rowers have generously agreed to give one dollar for each two dollars given to support rowing at Dartmouth, up to a maximum match of $25,000!  (The parents leading this challenge prefer to remain anonymous.)

As in past years, contributions by members of the Friends are needed to fund important elements of the rowing program  including the winter and spring training trips.  To keep the program operating at its current level, FDR needs to raise at least $175,000 for fiscal 2010 (which ends June 30,
2010).  So far we have raised about $100,000.  That means that with another $50,000 of contributions, plus the Parents Challenge matching gift, we will have met the basic needs for the current academic year.

Please, help us take advantage of this generous gift and make a contribution to support Dartmouth Rowing today.  It only takes a few minutes to give online; just use the college's website and designate your gift to "Friends of Rowing."  (Visit
www.DartmouthRowing.org <http://www.dartmouthrowing.org/> and click on
"Contribute" to access the College's website and make a contribution.)

Other topics discussed at the meeting included current program needs (from racing shells to trucks to tow them), our desire to reduce the need for
students to pay part of the costs for their training trips ($650 a student,
ouch), our growing class captains program (thank you Liam, Judy, and all the captains), progress with and plans for the website (thank you Alex and
Melissa), and the outlook for the coming racing season (thank you Topher,
Wendy, and Dan).

Remember, meetings of FDR are open to all alumni, parents, and other
supporters of the Dartmouth rowing program.  The next FDR meeting will be held in Hanover on Saturday, September 25  the same day as the Gardner Cup races.  Please join us.  And follow us  and view the Spring 2010 racing schedules  at 
www.DartmouthRowing.org <http://www.dartmouthrowing.org/>.

Thank you for supporting Dartmouth Crew!

Eric Cesnik '94

Meeting Information

The Annual Spring Meeting of the Friends of Dartmouth Rowing will be held in New York City on Wednesday, February 24, 2010 from 1:30 p.m. until approximately 5:00 p.m.  You are invited and encouraged to attend.  This meeting is a great opportunity to meet with coaches, fellow alums, and representatives of the athletic department to discuss the state of the rowing program at Dartmouth.  The meeting will be held at the law offices of Herrick, Feinstein at 2 Park Avenue (b/w 32nd and 33rd), 21st floor.  

Please RSVP to Michael Heitner (mheitner@herrick.com) in advance if you will be able to attend so that your name can be cleared with building security.  If you are unable to attend in person, you can also attend by phone.  The dial-in number will be (212) 592-5901 and the access code is 4215.  A formal invitation is attached.  If you are not able to attend (or call in for) the meeting but have questions or suggestions about the program, please send an email to Andre Hunter (andreh@vwti.com) in advance of the meeting.

And while you have your calendar out (or up on your screen), be sure to add the annual Gardner Cup and the Annual Fall Meeting of the Friends of Dartmouth Rowing to your plans -- those events will take place on Saturday, September 25.

As you may know, our new class captains program is well underway.  Class captains help to track down former rowers so we can  keep alums informed about the program and also hear from them.  We have over a dozen captains already and continue to add to our ranks.  If you would like to serve as a class captain, please email me (eric.cesnik@gmail.com) and I will help plug you in.  It is a fun way to support the program.  Many thanks to Liam Krehbiel and Judy Geer for leading this effort and to all our class


Thank you for supporting the Dartmouth crews!

Eric Cesnik '94