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Academic Awards

Each year, certain athletes are recognized by the boathouse, the College, or other organizations for their combined merit in scholarship and athletics.  Scroll down to read the academic awards given and the recipients from the Dartmouth boathouse. 
Academic All-Ivy Athletes

2002 Jay Conner Biochemistry/Molecular Biology 
  David HorniakFilm Studies/Computer Science 
2001John RaserBiochemistry 
 John Nichols Engineering 
2000 John Nichols Engineering 
 Kermit Cook Engineering 
1999 Austin Whitman English 
 Doug Van Citters Engineering 
 1998Ken Deem Biology/Studio Art 
  Doug Van Citters Engineering
 1997Ken Deem Biology/Studio Art 
 1996Todd Newman Psychology 
  Chris SchmidtHistory 
 1995Todd Newman Psychology 
 Chris Schmidt History 
 1994Greg Lewis Biochemistry 
1993 David Dragseth History 
 Brian Crounse English 

Class of 1984 Award

 2002 Jay Connor
 1999John Nichols 
1995 Chris Schmidt 
 1993Greg Lewis 

Rhodes Scholars 

 2006 Alison Crocker
1995 Diana Sabot 
 1992Todd Millay 
 1991 Steve Brown

Individual National Champions or Masters Achievement
Justin C. Jones '02
 Heather Wakeley '00
 Laura L. Gillespie'86 
 Dawn E. Carey'86 
 Catherine M. Truman'89 
 Thomas W. Hull'79 
 Nancy P. Vespoli'77 
 Elizabeth C. Kent'77 
 Virginia L. Cox'77 
 Michael D. Winer'75 
 Julia H. Geer'75 
 W. Deneys Purcell'71 
William R. Pickard, Jr. '71 
 John S. Eaton'71 
 Raymond T. Adams'71 
 James H. Willis'69 
 Edward H. Northrup'66 
 Robert C. Brayton'64 
 John M. Watts, Jr.'63 
 Bruce L. Baggaley'63 


 2009Nell Pascall '09 
 2009Emily Dreissigacker '11 
 2007Anne Kennedy '07 
 2006Kate Davison '07 
2000Heather Wakeley '00 
1992Annie Kakela '92 
 1984Cola Parker '84 
 1984Carin Reynolds '84