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Wendall E. Badger Award

Awarded by the Coaches, Captains, and Officers to the non-competing Member or Friend of the Rowing Club who has made the most significant contribution to furthering rowing at Dartmouth.

 2019 Krystal Melendez
 2018 Michael Stafford
 2008 Bill McNabb 
 2006  Brian Austin
 2004 Kevin A. Cotter 
 1994 Gilbert R. Tanis 
 1992 Richard S. Dunham 
 1991 Robert R. Henderson, Frederick R. Luedke 
 1990 William C. Davison 
 1988 Peter V. W. Gardner 
 1986 Stuart White
 1984 John L. Branscum Jr. 
 1983 Whitney Mitchell
 1981 Michael Heitner
 1980 Julia Geer
 1979 Thaddeus Seymour Sr. 
 1978 William E. Slesnick
 1977 Thaddeus Bennett
 1976 William Pickard Jr. 
 1975 William H. Perry Jr.