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Mentor Program

The mission of the Mentor Program is:

To help Dartmouth Crew athletes make successful transitions to life after college, and to foster inter-generational alumni relationships via mentoring by Dartmouth Crew alumni.

The Program

Key Program Elements: 
  • Each student is paired up with an alum, based on career interests. The student is matched up with mentor who will act as the student's 'go-to' for help with career advice. 
  • Students are also provided with key information (grad schools, career history) about other participating alumni who are pursuing careers in a wide range of fields. Students are encouraged to reach out to mentors as needed.
  • Alumni are really fired up to help students with their careers.Current students are encouraged to take ownership and be pro-active in reaching out to alumni. 
Who is eligible? 
  • Active members of Dartmouth Crew are welcome to participate, beginning in their sophomore summer term. Please fill out the student survey to get started.