Contributions from Friends of Dartmouth Rowing provide the vast majority of the funding for the team's two annual training trips, equipment (no small matter - a single, eight-person racing shell costs nearly $50K), and other vital needs that cannot be covered by the College's budget but are essential to operating first-class varsity programs. 

Your support of the Friends of Dartmouth Rowing will ensure that the student-rowers at Dartmouth have the ability to continue tradition, in the boathouse and on the water, long into the future.

Please consider your options and visit our pages: 

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or mail your check written to "Friends of Dartmouth Rowing" to:

Friends of Dartmouth Rowing, 6066 Development Office, Hanover, NH 03755

Helpful LInks

Charitable giving can be a complex process.  For helpful information, please visit the following links:

Giving Competitions

Young Alum Matching Challenge:
  • 5 year Reunion: Thanks to a group of anonymous donors all gifts  to rowing from the 5yr reunion site are matched 3:1 up to $5,000 for Fiscal 2015. The 5 year reunion class can make a $20,000 impact on Friends of Rowing.
  • 15 year Reunion: Thanks to a group of anonymous donors all gifts  to rowing from the current 10/15/20th reunion class are matched 2:1 with a gift to Friends of Rowing up to $25,000 for Fiscal 2015.The 20 year reunion classes would max out at $75,000 impact on our programs through the Match Challenge.
Reunion Year Giving - Giving a boat can be a great way to celebrate your 25th or 30th reunion. Contact Athletics Fundraising if you're interested in honoring the occasion with a capital gift to the program.

Memorial Gifts - The Class of 1978 remembered their fallen classmate Marc W. Farley through a boat gift. Laura Woodberry Jessiman '80 and Leanne Eberly Jordan '83 have also been remembered in this way.

Contact Athletics Fundraising with questions on these kinds of efforts.