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The Parents Challenge

***Important News!***

At the February 24, 2010 Friends of Dartmouth Rowing meeting in New York City, FDR president Andre Hunter announced:

The Parents' Challenge
A gift matching program whereby certain parents of Dartmouth rowers have generously agreed to give one dollar for each two dollars given to support rowing at Dartmouth, up to a maximum match of $25,000!
(The parents leading this challenge prefer to remain anonymous.)

As in past years, contributions by members of the Friends are needed to fund important elements of the rowing program including the winter and spring training trips. To keep the program operating at its current level, FDR needs to raise at least $175,000 for fiscal 2010 (which ends June 30, 2010). So far we have raised about $100,000. That means that with another $50,000 of contributions, plus the Parents Challenge matching gift, we will have met the basic needs for the current academic year.

Please, help us take advantage of this generous gift and make a contribution to support Dartmouth Rowing today. It only takes a few minutes to give online; just click here to make a donation today.