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A Submission from Bob Ogg

A submission from Bob Ogg '59:

Here are copies of four photos given to me by the photographer (either Valley News or Daily "D") that covered the "launch" of the PHILIP G COLE - our newest and classiest "eight" -either in the Fall of 1957 or Spring of 1958. 

The MC, Thad Seymour, giving a welcoming speech and holding the 'bubbly'. To Thad's immediate left is Hart Perry; next to Hart is Phil Cole (for whom the shell is named and Mrs. Cole. The tall raw-boned chap in the light colored sport coat at the right is Pete Gardner - who had signed on as Head Coach in the Fall of 1957. Bob stands on the far left of the photo.

The same group (minus Pete who was just out of view). The joke was that we weren't sure whether or not Mrs. Cole was going to "christen" the shell by cracking the bottle across the bow, or pour it over the bow as shown. (I think we were wondering too if she was going to use the entire content of the bottle or leave a big for tippling.) Needless to say, Al Povey was in the background with a dry cloth to wipe the bow clean before any damage could be done to the finish.

The Heavyweight crew carrying the Philip G Cole to the River after the ceremony. The Cox is Peter Collins '59, the Bow is "Buck" Bucholtz '58 and the Second is Mark Gates '59. I cannot make out the remaining six oarsmen.

Photo 4 shows just about every eight man shell we had in inventory..... and could float.... doing a rather casual 'pass in review' in front of the dock

These pictures have certainly brought back some great memories for me. I hope they will for others. Here you see in Shot #1 four of the powerhouses in rowing in the fifties and beyond. Thad, Hart, Phil and Pete (who would go on to establish a legacy for future classes to build on). It was nice that there was an opportunity to get all together. I am very grateful that I still have these pics to share. 

Best Regards,

W.R. 'Bob' Ogg '59