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Directions to Overpeck Park


    If you are using an online mapping tool, use the Hilton Garden Inn, 70 Challenger Rd, Ridgefield Park, NJ as your waypoint as this is located just south of the Overpeck Park entrance, which is on the west side of the water.


    From NYC:

    Follow I-95 South over George Washington Bridge

    Crossover to outer/local lanes – follow signs for Exit 68.

    Exit 68 towards US-46W / Challenger Road.

    When you are on the cloverleaf, do not go straight onto US-46W - follow the cloverleaf around to the right onto Emerson Rd (look for sign for New Overpeck Park).  This will take you back over the Turnpike.

    Left on Challenger Road (in front of cinemas and Samsung Bldg.) into Overpeck Park.


    From the west on I-80:

    Follow I-80 East to the NJ Turnpike South.

    Exit 68 is the first exit – follow directions above from Exit 68.


    From the south on the NJ Turnpike:

    Make sure you are in the outer lanes heading to the George Washington Bridge.

    Take exit 68 for Challenger Road.

    Left on Challenger Road into Overpeck Park.


    Once you get the park entrance:

    You will enter Overpeck Park near the 1000m point on the course.  There is a walking path for the last 1000m of the course.  The course finishes near the north end of the park.

    If you follow the road straight through the traffic circle, there is a small parking area on the right and a viewing platform on the water at about the 1750m mark on the course.

    To get to the launch dock, you can walk all the way to end of the park and follow the wooden footbridge over the water to the east side where the trailer area is.

    There are restrooms at the large parking area near the 1250m mark and all the way at the north end of the park past the finish line.

    When you leave the park, if you are going back to NYC you will see the sign for NJ Turnpike North where you came in on Challenger Road.  To get to NJ Turnpike south or I-80 West, follow Challenger Road all the way to the end past the corporate buildings and you will see the signs there.

Overpeck Park Entrance