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Winter Training Recap 2009

Big Green Winter Training 2009


It's the best time of the winter in Hanover, which is to say that it's the end of the winter. Or at least we hope it is--some of the coaches and rowers are convinced that a massive thaw will see us return to an open Connecticut; others predict that we'll have a few more days or weeks back on the ergs. Either way, Dartmouth Rowing is headed to Tennessee on Wednesday, which means that the spring racing season is just around the corner.

Before you check the spring schedule below, we thought you'd enjoy taking a look at a recent tradition in the Dartmouth boathouse--CRASH-D's. Now in its fourth year, the CRASH-D's are our version of the CRASH-B's, and the entire boathouse comes together to pull a 2k. We took some video this year, and you can find it here.  We hope you enjoy it.

Full spring schedules for all three teams are below. A couple items of note on this year's schedule:

1. The women are road warriors this year, but they'll race in Boston and Philadelphia (or nearby) twice each.

2. The heavyweights have added two teams to this year's schedule. On the afternoon of the Olympic Axe racing, they'll scrimmage Trinity at Yale. And on the afternoon of the Cochrane Cup, they'll race George Washington on the same race course outside of Chicago.

3. If you're looking for a good weekend to visit Hanover this spring, the weekend of April 18 and 19 will see the heavyweights race for the Bill Cup against BU and Rutgers on the 18th and the lightweights race for the Subin Bowl against Columbia on the 19th.

4. Finally, the IRA has changed in two meaningful ways. First, it will be held in Sacramento, California this year. West coast alums, we're finally in your neighborhood. Second, the regatta has implemented a qualification system. Only the top 9 of 18 varsity heavyweight crews and 7 of 9 lightweight crews from the Eastern Sprints will earn automatic qualification to the IRA. Bids for the second varsity and freshman heavyweight crews will depend on their finish among programs with qualifying varsity crews.


Topher, Wendy, and Steve