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Heavyweights vs. Brown

The competition for the Atalanta Cup began shortly after World War II as a dual race between Brown and Dartmouth.  During the fifties, Dartmouth dominated the series, winning every race until 1960, when Brown edged out Dartmouth at Hanover.  In 1969, the race was discontinued - but renewed in 1983 when Steve Gladstone became the varsity coach at Brown.  Brown won each year from 1983 on, except in 1987 when the two teams did not compete. Dartmouth broke that streak with a victory in 1992. 

Watching the Races

  • Racing trades between Providence, RI and Hanover every other year. 
  • On years when the race is at Brown, the racing takes place on the Seekonk River in Providence.  Crews launch from the Brown University boathouse
  • Have tips on watching the racing?  Email the webmaster!

Marston Boathouse ‎(Brown)‎