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Heavyweights vs. Wisco/MIT

The Cochrane Cup was placed in competition by Mrs. Edward Cochrane in 1961 for heavyweight racing among Dartmouth, MIT, and Wisconsin.  It honors her husband, Admiral Edward L. Cochrane, who was president of MIT as well as a director of the Navy's Bureau of Ships during World War II.  The first two races were rowed 1 and 3/4 miles.  The third race was rowed at 2 miles.  Since then, the competition has been at the standard 2000 meter distance.  In 1965, Boston University and Syracuse were added starters, and Rutgers raced in 1980. 

Race Day Logistics

  • The location of this race rotates each year - it will take place either in Wisconsin, Cambridge, or Hanover.
  • The University of Wisconsin boathouse in Madison, WI is the Porter Boathouse. 
  • When the crews race at MIT, the race takes place on the Charles River in Cambridge and would gather at MIT's Pierce boathouse.
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Pierce Boathouse ‎(MIT)‎

Porter Boathouse ‎(Wisco)‎